Our Story
In 1682, Dirk Coetzee rented a piece of land on the old wagon trail from Cape Town to Stellenbosch where his cattle could graze. He called the farm Uiterwyk (“outskirts”), as was the custom in his home country, the Netherlands. read more »
C.T. de Waal Background
C.T. de Waal was the first person ever to make a wine from Pinotage grapes when he made an experimental barrel of Pinotage in 1941, sixteen years after the variety was created by Prof. Abraham Perold. read more »
Roots of the De Waal Family in South Africa
Jan de Waal, born in Amsterdam in 1692, arrived in the Cape in 1715. He was working for the Dutch East India Company, an international corporation that was involved in trade and colonization until the 18th century. read more »
Top of the Hill Pinotage
The Top of the Hill block was planted by Danie de Waal and his brother, Koffie (Coffee) de Waal, in 1950 - sixty seven years ago! Although this wasn't the first Pinotage vineyard to be planted, it is the oldest in existence. read more »
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